The Japan Rail Modelers (JRM) of Washington DC is an informal group of train modelers in the greater Washington DC Metro area that focuses on modeling Japanese rail systems. Our goal is to support and encourage modeling of Japanese rail systems and provide public education about the extensive Japanese railroads. We have produced a 72 square foot portable, Japanese themed N Scale layout that can be displayed at model railroading shows and cultural events.

JRM News
JRM T-trak at Ekoji Obon Festival
JRM has been invited back to the 2015 Ekoji Buddist Temple in Fairfax VA July 11th, 5:30 pm to 9:00 pm. This fun festival is full of kids and we let them get up close and personal to the trains!

A Message From The Executive Director of JRM's Sister Club IRC in Iwate, Japan
Mr. Kodama, the executive director of IRC gives an update on the disaster relief going on in the area and expresses his resiliency of the Japanese people and their spirit to persevere through these disasters.

Message From the President
Japan Earthquake/Tsunami Disaster - Update

Ten days after the earthquake and tsunamis struck Japan, the situation is grim but improving. Railroads have been opened to Morioka (in the heart of Iwate) from the west and north, making it much easier to get supplies into the stricken area. Lines of communication and supplies are beginning to reach isolated evacuation centers and groups of survivors. Acute shortages of food, gasoline, and kerosene have been alleviated in many areas. Along with the bad news, we are seeing some reports of good news -- families reunited, survivors miraculously found inside collapsed buildings nine days after the tsunamis, hospital patients safely moved to hospitals outside the disaster area.

Want to keep up with what's going on with JRM? We now have an email update for those interested in getting notices of when our next shows, meetings, and get togethers are.
What's New on the Site
Houston Denshaku @ Houston Japan Festival 2014
The first public exhibition of Houston Denshaku, at the Houston Japan Festival.

Kanjiyama - An N gauge Japanese Terminus Layout
by Nick Harling created a wonderful Japanese terminus layout from 2 display modules.

Printing Yourself A Japanese Z Gauge Layout
Ian Lawrence has done some fabulous Japanese Z scale modeling featuring a lot of printed and scratch built structures and details.

Tennoji: An "N-scale" Japanese Interurban Layout Built in Belgium
by Eric & Claude Binamé Eric & Claude Binamé have created a wonderful exhibition layout depicting several scenes from Japan.

Shinzo Mizu - A Japanese Z scale Snow Scene
Norman Raven has created a wonderful Japanese Z scale show layout with a winter theme!

An N Scale Interurban Layout in a Vodka Box
Dick Bell has created a wonderful mini layout that packs away into a wooden vodka box.

JRM Displays T-Trak at Girl Scout Thinking Day
This year's Thinking Day focused on Japan so JRM fit right in!

A Ride on 'Santetsu'
Matthew Davis takes a ride on Santetsu one year after the devastating tsunami.

An N Scale Point-To-Point Tram Layout
Richard Bell has created a very light weight, modular point to point tram layout.
The Shintahara Story - The Genesis of a Prototype
Dan MacKellar talks about his T scale layout and modular projects.

A Japanese Layout Using Bandai Shorty Trains
Nick Yee gives and excellent look at Bandai B-Train Shorty trians and his micro layout he created for them in this two part article. [Part 1 - B-Train Shortys] [Part 2 - Shorty Layout]

An Easy to Build, Small, N Scale Tram or Light Rail Layout
Richard Bell has made a robust mini tram layout in a space of 28" x 18" using the tomix mini curve track. He has packed a lot scenery into a very small space along with wire catenary.

A Movable Feast - My Temporary Layout
Barrie Lovell has created a wonderful temporary layout system with small scenery plates to allow rapid setups of different layouts at his whims!

Confessions of a Mediocre Model Railroader
Ulrich Abramowski shows how he has created a mini-module layout that fits the bill for his limited space, budget, and tools.

Japanese Model Trains And Trams Are Lots Of Fun!
Bryan Carey describes several layouts he created with Kato Unitrak and Tomix Finetrack.

"SANTETSU" Will Not Give Up!
A railway heavily damaged in the Earthquake and Tsunami vow to rebuild.

Railroads Damaged by Earthquake and Tsunami
On the Pacific shores of Iwate, the JR Ofunato Line and Sanriku Railway Company lines suffered heavy damage in the March 11 earthquake and tsunami.

Sumida Crossing - A Slice of Tokyo
Ken Shore's Tokyo themed japanese layout.

Nippon Model Railroad Society
A Japanese layout in Denmark.

Yamanouchi Oshika - A British Layout Goes Japanese
A UK club changes one of its layouts from British to Japanese!

N-Trak Modules of Japan
NVN-TRAK member Cotton Bowen's Japanese themed N-TRAK modules.

Curt LeVan's New Home Layout -
Part 3

JRM member Curt LeVan is embarking on a new home Japanese layout!





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