Keitown Part 1
A Japanese N gauge Tram layout based in the UK
by Mike Sharp

The idea for a tram layout was due to size limitations, and to create a fictional Japanese town.

The basic track plan was decided after I had worked out the maximum size baseboard that I could use. The total area is 24” x 24”. All tracks are Tomix with their Tramway extras.

The track was temporarily laid out over a sheet of foam board and them drawn round. The foam board was then cut and inserted on the board as photo. The idea behind this was to bring the whole layout to the height of the top of the rails.

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Having already acquired a quantity of Tomytec, Greenmax and Kato buildings there were many different versions of how the buildings would be laid out.

I wanted to create some of the narrow streets that are typical of Japan, but also try not to waste space on the board. Unfortunately the 4 corners where the track curves have proved a problem, - 2 corners unsolved at the moment.

Trams are from Tomytec and Modemo and recently the new Kato pocket tram.

The plan all along was to have both loops powered so I could run a tram round each loop at the same time. I also wanted working streetlights as well. The next job was laying the alleyways and siting of the streetlights. Each time I have altered something I have put the buildings back in place and taken photo’s to see if I am getting the effect I want.

The layout of buildings is now final in so much as some the Greenmax buildings -The small shop units and houses all share the same footprint - may be swapped around. The rest are now in their final positions.

The wiring is complete; I was planning on putting lighting in a lot of the buildings but have decided against it. Power for the lights are supplied by re-cycled DC battery packs from my employers, Power for the trams are a pair of Tomytec Battery Tram controllers. It means the layout can be totally self sufficient without any connections to the mains.

There are still spaces but I still have stuff on order from Japan- ordered 2 days before the tragic earthquake and tsunami. I am not expecting to be writing the next stage for a while.

Many thanks for the support from the JNS forum members on this project.

Thanks Mike

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