JRM Photos: Sakura Matsuri 2011

Japan Rail Modelers attended the 2011 Sakuri Matsuri festival for the third year in a row. The festival was a great success again with great crowds despite the $5 per person that was required this year to pay for the dramatically increased city, police and fire fees. They moved our tent to the main entrance area that had a large open intersection so there was much more space to handle the crowd flow (in past years things got very jammed in the areas we were in). The sectional layout performed remarkably well and the crowds were very entertained with the layout. We now have three inflatable gojis, so we were able to have a pair on top of the tent as well as one down on the front table to greet visitors. We also had a small loop of track on our information table to let kids run a train for a while--this was a big hit! We hope to keep doing the Sakura Matsuri for years to come!

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